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Gary Webb

Dorset born Webb has created a visual vocabulary that rearticulates cues from the history of sculpture in a voice that is distinctly suggestive, humorous and surprising over the last decade. Brave choices in palette enhance a sense of volume and scale that is exuberantly exaggerated, nearly human but somehow askew. The forms are at once organic or biomorphic as well as wildly synthetic.

Webb’s ‘Dorset Knob’ is a structural and architectural piece which outlines Webb’s process of making due to the curved, protruding area of wall. This part of the wall in particular expresses a narrative, which is playful, intriguing and quite comical. As a whole the piece demonstrates Webb’s fascination with adapting everyday objects and materials to make them more compelling or appealing. This can be said for the majority of Webb’s sculptures which express his hands-on, physical approach to creating art.