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Gerry Fox

BAFTA award-winning filmmaker Gerry Fox brings paintings of the past to life whilst dropping the angst and not guessing at the inner life of the women on display. In his series ‘Nudes Moving’ (2012), Fox restages seductive works by Schiele and Rodin.

Using high speed film he creates mesmerizingly slow fluid movements effused with sensuality as the figures seamlessly move in and out of moments of shear eroticism and tenderness. Each work is digitally manipulated using cutting edge technology to replicate the soft strokes, pencil edges and painterliness faithfully miming the originals. His works are charged with a palpable sense of intimacy and intensity, hypnotising with each alluring movement.

These pieces in the bathroom at Hixter are enspired by Auguste Rodin’s watercolour, Minerva ‘Après Minerva de Rodin’ and ‘After La Aurora by Rodin’ and are part of a series of ten by Fox called ‘Nudes Moving’