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Helen Chadwick

British conceptual artist Helen Chadwick embraced the sensuous aspects of the natural world, breaking taboos of the “normal” and “traditional” in art historical pedagogy.
Chadwick was an English sculptor, photographer and installation artist. She lived and worked in London, and lectured at the Royal College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the London Institute.

Chadwick’s innovative and provocative use of a rich variety of materials, such as flesh, flowers, chocolate and fur, was hugely influential on a younger generation of British artists.

Chadwick explained herself that ‘Train of Thought’ was “about the conflict between strangers,” she said. “The way a female might react inwardly to a male on the Tube. It was very much a sexual arena – harassment a-go-go.; The way a kind of formal public place like a Tube train can suddenly precipitate into a very intimate, disturbing contest.’