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Henry Hudson

Hudson’s portrait of Mark Hix hangs above the bar in Tramshed. At first glance it may resemble an oil or acrylic painting, but it is in fact derived of plasticine. Hudson heats the substance on a hotplate to make it malleable before applying it as an initial layer. Hudson is a mutinous artist and intuitively a playful one who subverts traditional narratives and mediums.

‘The Portrait of Mark Hix’ comes from a series of works by Henry Hudson entitled “Between A Rock and A Hard Place”. The major theme that runs through Henry Hudson’s work is the value of art itself and the personification of this anxiety – the tortured artist.

Mark Hix’s head is wrapped in fragile tape with a bottle of French Perrier water and a bottle of Temperley Cider Brandy in front of him. Blindfolded, he must instinctively choose which bottle to use.