Having been brought up on the sea in west bay, fishing from an early age and having a fish restaurant in Lyme Regis the ocean and its future is of the upmost importance to me personally, and my business.

Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE)  have successfully made Lyme bay into a marine reserve with the support of the local community, anglers and fishermen. A charity organisation that we at HIX are proud to support and donate a percentage of our house water sales at HIX Oyster & Fish House each month.

Blue Marine Foundation exists to combat overfishing and the destruction of biodiversity through the creation of large-scale marine reserves and the promotion of sustainable fishing. BLUE’s aim is to put at least 10% of ocean under protection by 2020, with a long-term aim of 30%. Since 2010, BLUE’s innovative approach has already resulted in nearly 1.5 million km2 of ocean being protected.

BLUE is currently working to seize the opportunity presented by the UK government’s pledge to create a ‘Blue Belt’ around all 14 UK Overseas Territories to move significantly closer to its 10% target. Meanwhile, in the UK, they have used an innovative approach to resolve a crisis in Lyme Bay, Dorset, where fishermen and conservationists were at loggerheads with both jobs and the reef under threat. BLUE broke the deadlock by encouraging fishermen to take a lead role in shaping conservation measures within their fishery. The Lyme Bay Reserve has been hailed as a ‘world first’ where fishermen are rewarded with higher prices for fishing responsibly. It is a model which BLUE intends to replicate round the UK and overseas. BLUE’s achievements in Lyme were recently captured by ITV in a short documentary here. The success of the project has resulted in BLUE being a chosen finalist for the prestigious Natura 2000 Award.

Join me by supporting BLUE: http://www.bluemarinefoundation.com/support-us/join-blue/

BLUE’s successes:

  • In 2010 BLUE brokered a deal to enable the creation of what was then the largest marine protected area in the world around Chagos in the Indian Ocean;
  • In 2012 BLUE embarked on its project in Lyme Bay, which has been hailed as a ‘world first’ by rewarding fishermen for fishing less (see above);
  • In 2015, BLUE secured, as part of the GB Oceans coalition, a government commitment to create the world’s largest marine reserve around Pitcairn in the Pacific;
  • BLUE and the GB Oceans coalition also secured a government manifesto commitment to create a ‘bluebelt’ around all its 14 overseas territories, hailed by a minister as ‘the greatest conservation commitment by any government ever’.
  • On 3 January 2016, thanks to funding raised by BLUE, the UK government announced the creation of the largest marine reserve in the Atlantic – ‘nearly the size of the UK’ – around Ascension Island.

Join us by supporting BLUE: http://www.bluemarinefoundation.com/support-us/join-blue/