Over the years I’ve held and hosted a lot of dinners and lunches matching all sorts of drinks like whisky, tequila, beer and of course wine. We’ve even matched food with art too! Years ago I was invited to Dom Perignon along with David Thompson, Mark Edwards, Pascal Aussignac and Georgio Locatelli to each cook a course at the chateau. Each course, Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy had successfully matched a champagne, including David Thompson’s fiery Thai green curry. This shows anything is possible if you put your mind to it, although somewhat challenging! Cooking in Mexico was one of those rare challenges. Matching every one of the six courses to Tequila and Mescal and having to shop for it, but it’s a challenge I love wherever I am in the world.

Last week I was presented with a new challenge; I hosted a dinner in my Kitchen Library for Sonos called the ‘Playlist Potluck’ dinner. I’ve used Sonos at home for years so this was a great dinner to host with some friends in the creative world. The challenge this time was to create a menu and match a song to each dish. My guests, who included Stephen Webster, Alice Temperley, Miranda Donovan and Nicky Clarke all had to create their own play list for the evening.

My part in fact, was really quite simple, I thought rather than my normal menu wording which includes the provenance and the producer where relevant, I would just use one word for each dish, leaving a lot for the imagination.

As always, Kevin and I put together a simple menu, using words like lobster, caviar, chicken and egg, cheese etc. All the guests are very familiar with our menus from the restaurants so I thought this ’one word dish’ would throw them a little, especially when the lobster course turned up as a lobster won ton broth. I often cook Asian or Indian when throwing a dinner party as it’s not what my guests expect from me so that’s why the Sonos playlist potluck evening worked so well.