Silvy Weatherall

The Last Supper, curated by Stephen Webster

 12th April – 12th May 2019

HIX ART is pleased to present The Last Supper, an exhibition of new works by multi-disciplinary artist Silvy Weatherall, curated by contemporary jeweller, craftsman and art collector Stephen Webster.

This collection of ceramics is a sculptural interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper, depicting Jesus and his 12 disciples. The thirteen life-size busts are constructed from broken china that the artist has collected herself or been given over the years.

The artist has employed the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi (‘to repair with gold’). Embracing the aesthetics and ethos of wabi-sabi (a Japanese cultural view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection), Kintsugi rejoices in an object’s cracks and imperfections, not only are they the very thing that makes it unique, they also show that the object has had a life, a journey, and a story to tell. Another facet to a ‘last supper’ is alluded to through the additional placement of one of Stephen Webster’s finely crafted knives. Webster’s intricate and detailed piece has been cast in gold as a nod to this ancient technique and to form a bridge between art and craft. Exhibited alongside these broken pieces of dinnerware, the knife adds an intense energy and a threatening element to symbolise the underlining betrayal of Judas who dined at the Last S­­upper.

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