Polly Morgan x Robert Cooper

08/02/10 – 07/04/19

On paper it may seem that the organic sculptural works of taxidermist Polly Morgan are the antithesis of multidisciplinary artist Robert Cooper, whose digital and performance work lives within the internet, mediated through technology. Although Cooper’s interest in the synthetic and mass-produced does counterpoint Morgan’s focus in ‘cannibalistic, predatory and unnerving’
Animalia, both artists’ aesthetic is grounded in the manipulation of bodies.

Whilst Morgan’s craft sees her skinning and manipulating the cadavers of animals to create physical sculpture, Cooper (usually) uses his own body, as transferred through computer to screen and disseminated through Instagram, which is also how the two artists met and began collaborating.

The artists found they treated their images differently, Morgan being the more guarded of the two, understandably so as the very nature of Cooper’s online work is to be viewed, edited and reposted endlessly, whereby sharing the images is to lose his grip on them, and consequently his ownership of them. This exhibition brings together both artists’ preferred mediums and looks at how they have influenced and affected each other, Cooper describes learning taxidermy in Morgan’s studio as exposing himself to ‘all the sensory stimulation that is lacking when working on a computer’.

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