We are very excited to announce the release of Mark’s latest cookbook HOOKED.

Hooked is a narrative deep dive into the angling adventures of Mark Hix, opening with the story of his first catch, at the tender age of 8, being cooked for supper by his grandmother – the catalyst for what has become his passion.

You will be regaled with tales of extraordinary fishing expeditions at home and afar, from the banks of the Dumfriesshire coast to New Zealand’s Milford Sound, with each trip ending in a feast – be it the catch of the day (if all went to plan), or something found and foraged if the need arises (always have a back-up plan).

Hooked features 50 recipes for food and drink from Sea bass curry, Barracuda & pineapple ceviche and Trout kedgeree to Temperley sour and Macho margarita. Weaved into the narrative are the infectious, and unexpected, joys of fishing and what it does for you. Hint: it’s not necessarily about the fish.

We will update you as soon as the book is available for purchase in the restaurants. The book will be sold at £20. Please send any enquiries to marketing@hixfoodetc.co.uk

The book is complete with a stunning array of illustrations by artist Nettie Wakefield. To purchase illustrations from the book please contact Nettie via her website.