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Jacob Yarwood

Thursday 1st June – Sunday 25th June

HIX ART is delighted to present the solo exhibition of Jacob Yarwood.

Yarwood’s work pays homage to traditionally romantic still life painting through self-described ‘windows of memory’. His work is fresh and organic – freezing specific visuals that guide him through memories and moments, following the themes and experiences that run through his life.

There are no contrived messages in Yarwood’s artwork, simply an exploration of contemporary life. For this reason Yarwood’s work resonates so much with his viewer. He harnesses sentimental moments of poignancy and meaning in his own life, allowing his viewer to recognise and experience their own moments of fulfillment, in their own perceptions and memories. His aesthetic plants conceptual seeds of meaning and reflection with his viewer, that grow within their interpretation of the visuals he presents – eliciting narratives of meaning and visceral feelings.

Such a fresh exploration of experience throws light on 21st century alienation and detachment. Yarwood’s artwork reminds us that our own lives gain meaning through everyday experience, in a world where increasingly consumption-led experience and commoditised identities have become the norm; his artwork is a simple statement that meaning is not gained through material value, and life is about moments, rather than goals and agendas. His art surpasses utility as an expression of imagination. He creates a space free of political and economic subjectivity; his beautiful paintings leave visual food for thought, freedom of expression and creativity.

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