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twentyretail find exceptional spaces for retailers, restaurateurs and fabulous occupiers for landlords.  They advise retail and leisure businesses on the acquisition of new sites across the UK and on the disposal, if required, of existing premises. From single acquisitions or disposals to multi-site acquisitions or portfolio rationalisation you will find twentyretail the perfect advisor to partner you in the difficult process of achieving the best results for your property requirements.  They represent landlords on marketing, investment strategy and tenant mix on all types of retail restaurant and leisure projects.

Clarence Court

With deep golden yolks and a superior taste, Clarence Court are fabulous eggs by fabulous birds. Proud of its roots Clarence Court produces eggs just as they used to taste. In 1928 a botanist and explorer, Clarence Elliot brought jungle fowl back from Patagonia to Stow-on-Wold, Gloucestershire. These rare birds were crossbred to create generations of pedigree hens that to this day, lay beautiful, colourful, hard-shelled eggs with creamy deep golden yolks.

West Country Catch

West Country Catch is based in the seaside town of Weymouth and supplies quality fresh fish and shellfish to restaurants in and around Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

Crab House Cafe

The acclaimed Crab House Café seafood restaurant on the Fleet, between Weymouth and Portland in Dorset from Nigel Bloxham.